Solutions for Businesses

Businesses get complete visibility, management and control over corporate spend, physical and virtual card management, potential fraud alerts, expense management, ML/AI driven predictive analytics and anomaly detection.

Simplified Real-Time Card Management

  • Onboard cardholders
  • Manage and issue cards
  • Control where and when cards can be used
  • Get notifications for bill due dates, credit limit and fraud alerts
  • View statements and credit limits
  • Turn the card ‘on or off’
  • Communicate with cardholders

Continuous budget

Analyze spending by
category, department or
individual transactions

Clear visibility of
every transaction as it

Compare spending
across departments and
over time

Set and manage budgets
for departments and

Analytics and reporting
at your fingertips
to help save money

Expense Management

Automate the entire expense report process, automatically attach receipts to the right transactions, no more manual reconciliation and auditing, our AI based anomaly detection engine helps companies eliminate fraud and wasteful spending while proactively enforcing companies’ policies.

Receipt Capture

Our Intuitive mobile app lets you snap receipts on the go and matches with the right transaction. Our app automatically reads and codes the receipt details for you, then adds the receipt to an existing expense report or create a new with the right cost center. We also integrate with various vendors, eliminating the need of manually capturing the receipts.

Expense Categorization

Segregate personal vs business expenses and classify into right expense categories


Notifications in your inbox guides you through any pending tasks related to expense fillings or reimbursement, review and approve reports, upload any additional info per company’s policies

Approval Workflows and Policies

Companies/Business can set automatic approval workflows based on expense report amount and customize expense policy rules. We automatically route report for the approval